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Helping startups and entrepreneurs unleash their story with digital story telling, marketing strategy, seo, social media strategy, web design, sales coaching and more.
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Our Story

Why we built

Our Beginnings

Kevin Smith, the Chief Story Architect, spent 14 years at a major tech firm in sales and enterprise marketing.  He had to do thousands of presentations and perfected a process to craft the perfect pitch. He specialized in using story and strong visual elements to craft and deliver powerful messages that get attention and get results.

Current Story

He realized that this process could be adapted to all forms of communication for any company.  We have worked with dozens of startups and small businesses helping them craft their story, and execute their go to market plans.

The End Result

Our customers get clarity on what their message is, who their clients are, how to position their products, and what marketing strategies they need to go to market.

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Our Philosophy

Together we will make the world better.

It is our deep belief that all businesses should strive towards maximizing their social good.  We like working with social enterprises and startups who have a vision to making the world a better place.  And we will turn down clients whose products or services do more harm than good.

We also believe that we should be rewarded for success, so most of our compensation is tied to your results.

The Story BluePrint

Perfecting the pitch.

We produce for our customers a story blueprint, a guide book that helps them understand their clients pain points, unique value proposition, competitive differentiators, and key value statements. We provide powerful messaging that they can use for web copy, brochure copy, email statements, investor pitches, and any other communication vehicles.

The blueprint was developed from years of building powerful presentations and pitches.

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