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Helping startups and entrepreneurs unleash their story with digital story telling, marketing strategy, seo, social media strategy, web design, sales coaching and more.
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Whatever stage your startup is at, we have a service for you.

Branding & Messaging

Deliverable: The Story Blueprint

We’ll help you understand your buyer personas, customer pain points, and how your products and services uniquely solve them.  The service will include a number of interviews with you and your team, whiteboard sessions, and discussions with customers.  Some magic happens, and then we provide you with awesome branding and messaging.

Marketing & Communication Strategy

Deliverable: Marketing Communication Strategy Guide

We will work with you to build the ideal “go to market” strategy based on your customers buying journey and the required sales process, taking into account your resources and budget.  We will work with you to identify ideal opportunities and tactics that will provide the highest return on investment (ROI). This can include both online and offline strategies, social media engagement, content calendars, etc



Go To Market Execution

Deliverable: Implementation of Marketing Strategy

We’ll help you build the tools and materials required, and help you execute your go-to-market plan. This can include building marketing collateral and web copy, basic web-design, setting up your online and social media sites, arranging ad buys, doing email and direct marketing, SEO optimization, social media management, helping you with trade shows, sales execution and so much more. Some of these steps will be delivered together, and for certain projects I will bring in trusted partners to help execute.

Pitch Deck Development & Presentation Training

Deliverable: An awesome Story for Investors

We have a proven process for building great presentations which we apply to building pitch decks for investors and other audiences. We can train and coach you to deliver a great presentation so that your pitch has the best chance possible to land an investor or a key customer.  And it’s a skill that will help you in any communication task you have in the future.

pen and pad
Startup Workshop

Sales Coaching & Business Development

Deliverable: Sales Traction, Customers, Revenue

You’ll learn from our years of experience in consumer, B2B and enterprise sales how to manage a sales process, how to turn opportunities into leads, and how to turn leads into customers.  We’ll work with you to build sales tracking and lead management processes so that you can stay on top of your sales funnel.

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